#TeamTexas at AYOP 2019!

This page is your one stop shop for all the info you need as a member of #TeamTexas for AYOP 2019. If you have any questions or want to add any info, please email TexasTwirlContact@gmail.com

(1) Order your #TeamTexas AYOP 2019 Shirts

Deadline July 10th. Visit the Online T-Shirt Order Form Site. 

Please wear your Team Texas shirt when on FRIDAY July 26th to support our Texas Collegians!

(2) Sign up for the #TeamTexas AYOP 2019 Remind

We will send updates for pictures and shout outs to any big title winners during the course of the week! How to join? Text 81010 with Class Code: @teamtexasA. Download the App for easy use! Its Free!

(3) Support Texas Twirler Owned Businesses

Make sure to check out Freestyle Design Co., owned and operated by former Texas Tech Feature Twirler, Amanda Tolley,  at the Embassy Suites in South Bend during AYOP Week! To to check out the designs available visit freestyledesignco.com or like them on FB at facebook.com/FreestyleDesignCompany.

While you are at the Embassy Suites, you should also check out Thread & Laser! Owned and operated by U of H Twirler Coach, Jennifer Zuber-Garrison, Thread & Laser has a ton of fun AYOP themed twirler options and Kameleon Batons. Check them out at threadandlaser.com or like them on FB at facebook.com/Threadandlaser

(4) #TeamTexas Photo Meet-Ups!

During AYOP there are several photo meet-up opportunities. You can message Ashley Wood (512-848-7426) or Mary Ann Srulowitz (210-267-7982) for more info on these meet ups when at AYOP as they will be taking the photos. 

Monday, July 22nd at 5:30 pm - All #TeamTexas Photo

Bring your #TeamTexas AYOP shirt and meet us in the Joyce Center lobby (where the big staircases are) by 5:30 pm on the Monday of AYOP. We will start lining up at 5:30 pm, we will take the first big group picture at 5:35 pm, and we will take the staircase photo at 5:40 pm. We will take the pics promptly at the posted times.

Tuesday, July 23rd - Little Big One/National Majorette/Men's National Pic

Immediately following the announcement of the semi-finalists for Little Big One, National Majorette, and Men's National, we would like ALL Texas Twirlers that participated in any of these events to meet in Section 6 of the Arena for a full group picture with the Blue Curtain. Look for Ashley Wood to take the pic. 

Thursday, July 25th - Beg/Int Pageant Representatives Pic

If your twirler is competing in a Beginner or Intermediate Division Pageant, meet in the Joyce Center Lobby at 5:30 pm (same place as the All Texas Picture) so that we can get a pic of our all representatives with their sashes, tiaras, and costumes. The awards start at 6:00 pm, and they need to be lined up by 5:45 pm, so please make sure you are on time to ensure we can get a picture and not make anyone late to their line-up location.

Friday, July 26th - Adv. Juv., Pre-T, and Jr. Pageant Representative Pic

If your twirler is competing in the Juvenile, Pre-Teen, or Junior Miss Majorette of America Pageant, we would like them to meet in the Joyce Center Lobby at 4:30 pm (same place as the All Texas Picture) so that we can get a pic of our all representatives dressed up. The awards start at 5:00 pm, and they need to be lined up by 4:45 pm, so please make sure you are on time to ensure we can get a picture and not make anyone late.

Friday, July 26th - Texas Collegiate Twirler Pic

All Twirlers from Texas (regardless of if you are representing a Texas University) that are participating in the Collegiate Night event should meet at the National Collegiate Twirling Championships Sign (see pic below) immediately following the completion of the Collegiate Night Event. The faster everyone gets there, the faster we can take the pic and let everyone continue their celebrations. Look for Ashley Wood to take the pic. 

Saturday, July 27th - Senior & Collegiate MMOA Representatives Pic

Immediately following the completion of the Big Show, we will try to gather up all the Texas representatives in the Senior and Collegiate divisions to get a group picture. We will meet at the base of the stage stairs (as seen in the pic below). Please look for Ashley Wood to take the picture.  

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