A resource for Baton Twirling in Texas

To view results prior to 2020 that were posted to the Tumblr account, visit http://texastwirlresults.tumblr.com/.

Texas Twirling Contest Result History


NBTA Southwest Regional Result History

2022 Results - March 12th & 13th in Fort Worth 

2021 Results - April 10th & 11th in The Woodlands

2020 Results - March 7th & 8th in Canyon

NBTA Texas State Result History

2022 Results - June 11th & 12th in Lubbock

2021 Results - June 11th & 12th in Desoto

No 2020 Event Due To COVID

Fall Twirling Festival Result History

2021 Results - Nov 20th in San Antonio 

ATX Holiday Twirl Fest Result History

2022 Results - December 3rd in Hutto

2021 Results - December 4th in Hutto

2020 Results - December 5th in Austin

2019 Results - December 7th in Hutto

2018 Results - December 1st in Hutto

2017 Results - December 2nd in Hutto

​2016 Results - December 3rd in Cedar Park

2015 Results - December 12th in Cedar Park

Twirl in the Woods Result History

2022 Results - Jan 15/16 in The Woodlands

​No 2021 Event Due To Regionals being in TW

Dallas Twirling Festival Result History

2022 Results - February 6th in Desoto 

2021 Results - February 6th in Rockwall

Spring Fling Twirling Contest Result History

No 2022 Event Due to Regionals being in FW

2021 Results - March 20th in Glen Rose

Great Day/E. TX Twirling Festival Result History

2022 Results - February 26th in Emory

​2021 Results - February 22nd in Emory

San Antonio Twirling Festival Result History

*Coming Soon* 2022 Results

2021 Results - May 1st in San Antonio

AAU Lonestar Super Regional Result History

2022 Results - April 30th in Hutto

​2021 Results - May 8th in Cedar Park

The "Twirlies" Baton Competition

2022 Results - May 7th in San Antonio

S. TX Auxiliary Contest Result History

No 2022 Event Held

No 2021 Event Due To COVID

Texas Championship Twirler Contest

No 2021 or 2022 event due to COVID

2020 Results - 2/29/2020 in Corpus Christi

Other Texas Contest Result History

2020 Virtual ATX Summer Twirl Fest Results