2027-HoustonPatti Mickey & Kayli Mickey-McIntosh-TBD
2026-AmarilloGretta Johnson, Brittany Ashcraft, & Summer Johnson-TBD
2025-Fort WorthVicki RayBVR Eaton High School
2024March 16 & 17HoustonPatti Mickey & Kayli Mickey-McIntoshSTW College Park High School
2023April 1 & 2AmarilloGretta Johnson, Brittany Ashcraft, & Summer Johnson
JFirst United Bank Center
2022March 12 & 13Fort WorthVicki RayOVR Eaton High School
2021April 10 & 11HoustonPatti Mickey & Kayli Mickey-McIntoshBTW College Park High School
2020March 7 & 8AmarilloGretta Johnson, Brittany Ashcraft, & Summer JohnsonT First United Bank Center
2019March 16 & 17Fort WorthVicki RayKV.R. Eaton High School
2018March 17 & 18HoustonMichele Pangrac & Patti MickeyVTW College Park High School
2017April 1 & 2AmarilloSheila Pierce, Gretta & Summer Johnson, & Brittany AshcraftXFirst United Bank Center
2016March 19 & 20Fort WorthVicki RayMV.R. Eaton High School
2015March 14 & 15HoustonMichele Pangrac & Patti MickeyATW College Park High School
2014March 29 & 30AmarilloSheila Pierce, Gretta Johnson
First United Bank Center
2013MarchFort WorthVicki Ray?V.R. Eaton High School
2012MarchAustinMichele Pangrac & Coral Noonan-Terry?St Edwards University
2011MarchAmarilloGretta Johnson & Sheila Piece??
2010MarchDallasJanice Jackson Seamands??
2009MarchAmarilloGretta Johnson & Sheila Pierce??
2008MarchDallasJanice Jackson Seamands??
2007MarchAmarilloGretta Johnson & Sheila Pierce??
2006MarchDallasJanice Jackson Seamands??
2005MarchAmarilloSheila Pierce??
2004MarchDallasJanice Jackson Seamands??
2003MarchAmarilloSheila Pierce??
2002MarchDallasJanice Jackson Seamands??
2001MarchAmarilloSheila Pierce??
2000MarchDallasJanice Jackson Seamands & Shirley Payne??

NBTA Southwest Regional Championship History

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