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2021 - Tori Swindle & Jackie Santos

2020 - Tori Swindle, Kydie Edwards, & Alaina Adcox

2019 - Kendrah Hall, Cristina Sanchez, & Emily-Ann Brito​​

2018- Kaden Ellison, Reina Carrasco, Deanna Reyes,

           Emily-Ann Brito, Cristina Sanchez, & Madison Clement 

2017 - Kaden Ellison, Deanna Reyes, Emily-Ann Brito,

           Cristina Sanchez, & Madison Clement 

2016 - Cristina Sanchez, Kaden Ellison, & Emily-Ann Brito

​*2016 was the inaugural season for the UTPB Twirlers! Thank you to the UTPB Twirler Coach, Marlene Torres, for providing the names listed above. 

* Indicates Section Leader

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Univ. of Texas - Permian Basin Twirler History